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Testing of an adequate model of a glass for tasting plum brandy

Within the project “Establishment and strengthening of the national brand of Prokupac wine and plum brandy through collaboration of science and practice”, the Association of Serbian Brandy Producers performed a sensory analysis of plum brandy in order to define an adequate glass for tasting plum brandy and maximally express and emphasize aroma and taste.

Sensory evaluation of 51 samples from the five most commonly used plum varieties was performed: Čačanska rodna, Čačanska lepotica, Crvena ranka, Požegača and Stanley.

Three different types of glasses were used, which are characteristic of different alcoholic beverages according to their dimensions and shapes.

After sensory analysis of plum toast samples of different varieties, the results presented in this brochure were obtained.

Download the brochure HERE.